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In the companies of the KODAP Group there are for you available 30 tax advisors, auditors,
law office, certified accountant. More than 130 professionals provide comlex services in the areas of:

For your success the team of tax advisors, auditors, analysts, accounting specialists and lawyers always offers competent and reliable consulting services customized to your needs. Our team has been already growing since 1994 through its experience with the solving of challenging tasks of clients, it is being respected from the view of the state authorities nad we systematically increase our qalification. Therefore you can gain a distinct advantage with us.

We are located in twelve Czech cities with the head office in Liberec. There is also located the audit company KODAP audit and associated law office.

We are a member of the consulting, audit and legal group European Tax & Law

ETL is a strong organization of tax advisors, attorneys and auditors. Within ETL we realize our goal - toeffectively take care of clients and to coherently provide them comlex services. The quality of our work is assured through using of ETL standards, e.g. the united system of metodical support, education and practical solutions. The efficient international cooperation of tax advisors, auditors and lawyers is for clients na important advantage in contemporary conducting of business.

We are registered in the list of consulting companies, retained by the chamber of Tax Advisors in the Czech Republic and in the european list of tax advisors.

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