Amendment of VAT rates as of 1 May 2020 (No. 902)

With the launch of the EET last wave, VAT rates on certain supplies (e.g. beer on tap) should have been reduced. However, based on Act No. 137/2020 Coll. both the final phase of the EET and the obligation to record sales for all entities were temporarily suspended as from 27 March 2020. This has no effect on the reduction of the VAT rate for the specified goods and services.


This means that for the particular services and goods (e.g. for catering services, beverage deliveries, the supply of drinking water, hairdressing, etc.) a second reduced tax rate of 10% will be applicable  since 1 May 2020, even if EET is suspended.


The Financial Administration of the Czech Republic also inform about it on website (only in Czech).

publikováno 16.04.2020
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