An allowance for the purchase of self-testing kits for March can only be applied for until the end of April (No. 1015)

Health insurance companies have prepared a program to support using COVID-19 self-testing kits by nonprofessionals.  The allowance paid by health insurance companies is CZK 60 including VAT for one test. The allowance can be obtained only for tests listed in the list of antigen tests of the Ministry of Health. One insured person, regardless of the number of his/her employers, can draw an allowance for the purchase of a maximum of four tests per calendar month, performed at a frequency of a maximum of once every 7 days.

Applications for allowances are submitted exclusively via the specialized portal To access this portal, health insurance companies sent activation (authorization) codes to the data mailboxes of legal entities and self-employed persons in March. If you do not have this code required for registration and you are one of the possible applicants for the allowance, apply for it here.

publikováno 29.04.2021
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