Another increases in travel expenses reimbursement rates due to rising prices

With effect from August 20, 2022, pursuant to the Decree No. 237/2022 Coll., there is an increase in some travel reimbursement rates, namely the inland meal allowance rates and the price of 98 octane gasoline.

The new inland meal allowance rates are as follows:

The increase in inland meal allowance rates also has a direct effect on determining the tax-optimal amount of contribution to employee meals. The lump sum meal allowance is now tax-exempted up to the amount of CZK 99.40 per shift (until August 19, 2022, this limit was CZK 82.60). In terms of taxes, the optimal amount of the meal voucher is now CZK 180 (until August 19, 2022, it was CZK 150).

At the same time, from August 20, 2022, the price rate of 98 octane gasoline is increased from CZK 40.50/liter to CZK 51.40/liter, for the purposes of determining travel allowances. For other types of fuel, there will be no change from August 20, 2022.

publikováno 26.09.2022
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