Change in the decreed level of the average price of 95 gasoline (No. 1037)

As of 1 January each year, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs determines, by decree, the amount of the basic refund rate for the use of road motor vehicles (the so-called depreciation compensation), meal allowance for domestic business trips, and sets the average price (the so-called decree price) of fuels. Once, according to the data of the Czech Statistical Office, any of the above values changes by more than 20%, then the change in the affected amount also takes place during the calendar year. Precisely, such an “above-limit” price increase has currently occurred for 95-octane gasoline.

As a result, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs Decree No. 375/2021 Coll. had to be published, which, with effect from October 19, 2021, increases the average decree price for 1 liter of 95-octane motor gasoline from CZK 27.80 to CZK 33.80. Other prices set by the Decree No. 589/2020 Coll. have not changed for the present.

publikováno 10.11.2021
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