Change in the prices of fuels given by the decree for the purposes of travel allowances, from May 14, 2022

According to the Labor Code, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs has the authority to adjust the rate of basic reimbursement for the use of motor vehicles, meal allowance, or the average price of fuel by decree out of the ordinary term, as soon as some of these prices increase or decrease by at least 20% compared to the last valid price, according to data of the Czech Statistical Office.

Due to the current rise in prices of not only fuel, the set average price of natural 95 gasoline was NEWLY INCREASED from the current CZK 37.10 to CZK 44.50 and diesel from CZK 36.10 to CZK 47.10 for the purposes of travel allowances, by Decree No. 116/2022 Coll. of the MLSA.

It is, of course, always possible to use the actual price as evidenced by the proof of purchase of fuel instead of the set (decree) price for the purposes of travel allowances.

The current valid average fuel prices set by decree for the calculation of reimbursement can be found here.

publikováno 31.05.2022
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