Deadlines for self-employed persons – for filing statements to Czech Social Security Administration and health insurance companies (no. 1009)

Following the possibility to file personal income tax returns by May 3, 2021 (paper form) or by June 1, 2021 (electronic form) without sanctions, the deadlines for filing statements to social security administrations and health insurance companies have been extended as well.  

The Czech Social Security Administration states on its website that self-employed persons can file their statements on income and expenditure for 2020 to the relevant social security administration by June 30, 2021, without sanctions. As in the previous year, it is necessary to meet the condition that the self-employed person will also pay any arrears of insurance premiums for 2020 by this date. If a tax advisor files a return for self-employed person after April 1, 2021, then it is sufficient to file the statement by August 2, 2021.

Newly, self-employed persons will be required to submit their statements for 2020 to health insurance companies by August 2, 2021 at the latest. This date is the subject to an amendment to the Public Health Insurance Premiums Act, which is currently in the legislative process and is expected to be approved without any problems.  

publikováno 06.04.2021
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