Declaration of bankruptcy proceedings in respect of Sberbank assets

On August 26, 2022, the Municipal Court in Prague took a judicial resolution that established the bankruptcy of the debtor Sberbank CZ in liquidation (hereinafter “Sberbank”) and declared bankruptcy order on its assets and property. The declaration of bankruptcy proceedings has a significant impact on the way creditors’ claims are collected.

Creditors whose bankruptcy claims do not result from Sberbank’s accounting must register their claims with the court within two months from the date of the declaration of bankruptcy proceedings. 

Creditors’ claims arising from Sberbank’s accounting are automatically considered to have been registered as of the date of the declaration of bankruptcy. Creditors registered in this way will receive a notification of the declaration of bankruptcy from the insolvency trustee within 60 days from the date of bankruptcy declaration, including information regarding the ascertained amount of their claim. If the creditor does not agree with the amount or nature of the claim as stated in the notice of the insolvency trustee, the creditor may submit a written objection to the insolvency trustee. However, we recommend also these creditors to register their claim if they do not receive a notice of bankruptcy from the insolvency trustee even with the approaching end of the 60-day period.

Therefore, we recommend that all creditors first check whether their claim actually arises from Sberbank’s accounting records. This information is published in the insolvency register available to the public, in section A, item 56.

publikováno 26.09.2022
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