Delayed payment of VAT without penalties for those whose activities have been restrained or disallowed (No. 952)

In the context of the so-called Large Liberation Package (see our e-service), the interest on arrears for late payment of VAT is waived to the entities whose predominant part of revenues arose in previous months from activities that have been disallowed or restrained since 14 October 2020 (for an overview of these activities, see Financial Bulletin No. 22/2020). However, this only applies on condition that they notify the relevant tax administrator of this fact.

Specifically, the interest on arrears on late VAT payments for the months of September 2020, October 2020, and November 2020, or for the period of quarter III, 2020 for quarterly VAT payers is waived, provided that payment is made no later than 31 December 2020.

Please note that only interest on arrears for late payment of VAT for the periods indicated is waived. The decision DOES NOT remit the fine for any late filed VAT return or late filed control declaration.

The qualification for the waiver is to notify the Financial Authority that the condition of more than half of the income from activities that have been prohibited or restricted, has been met. A sample notification is available here.

publikováno 21.10.2020
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