Do not forget to pay the first half-yearly or second quarterly advance payment on income tax for 2022!

The advance payment for personal or corporate income tax for the first half of the year, or for the 2nd quarter of 2022, is payable as early the next Wednesday, i.e. June 15, 2022, if this obligation arises from the filed tax return or the last known tax liability. This advance is payable under the normal scheme, i.e. it is not waived or otherwise deferred as it was previously by virtue of Covid-19.

As in previous income tax advance payments, taxpayers have the option, in justified cases (e.g. due to lower expected economic results in 2022, cutback in production, in connection with rising input prices, etc.) to request the tax office to set the advance payment at a different amount, or to request its cancellation. We recommend submitting the change request in advance, i.e. ideally, before the advance payment is due.

publikováno 13.06.2022
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