Electronic registration of sales – when, what and who is involved?

Currently the biggest change for entrepreneurs (legal and natural persons) is the introduction of electronic registration of sales.

In the process of registration of sales, every sale shall receive a Fiscal Identification Code that shall be included in the receipt. The Fiscal Identification Code shall be sent to the seller by the Financial Authority electronically via internet connection to the data centre. Through this code, all payments will be centrally registered. It will be therefore clear who and when received the payment. The subsequent review of VAT declaration and declaration of income will be simple.

Sales included in registration are all sales made on the area of the Czech Republic that are paid in cash, by credit card, cheque or promissory note. Included are also payments made through a payment gateway (e.g. Paypal). Included are even payments by meal tickets, gift vouchers or bitcoins. Direct bank account transfers are however exempt from registration of sales. Obliged to register sales are all income tax payers who have income from entrepreneur activities, regardless whether they are payers of VAT or not. To simplify it: obliged to register sales according to these rules are all natural and legal persons with a taxable income from an entrepreneur activity.  It includes also foreign entities receiving payment on the area of the Czech Republic, under the condition that they are payers of income tax from sales in the Czech Republic.

The introduction of registration of sales shall be stepwise. In the first phase, entities providing accommodation and food services (hotels, guest houses, camps, restaurants, coffee houses etc.) will get involved. These entities must register sales from 1st December 2016. After three months, it means from 1st March 2017, retail trade and wholesale will follow. Sales from taxi service, road haulage, agriculture and freelance professions (e.g. medical and veterinary doctors) will be subject of registration from 1st March 2018. The last phase, from 1st June 2018, will include selected crafts and manufacturing activities (e.g. tailoring, work of electricians, house painters, tile layers or hairdressers).

Official information including a methodological explanation can be found here.

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