EMERGENCY MEASURES - A1 certificates validity (working activities in another EU country) (No. 890)

Due to an emergency caused by the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the Czech Social Security Administration published information for migrant workers who cannot temporarily conduct their working activities in another Member State due to the restrictions on the free movement of persons.

According to the information from the Administration, the current emergency measures are not relevant changes in circumstances to justify a change of the applicable regulations or change of state of insurance.

Migrant workers and their employers are not obliged to notify a temporary change of situation (i.e. home office) to the local social security administration and to return the A1 form if they intend to continue working in the territory of several Member States after the restriction ends.

According to the Administration, a similar approach should also be applied by institutions of EU/EEA countries or Switzerland, such as Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, or Luxembourg.

Please note that the link leads to Czech version, unfortunately, English version is not available.

publikováno 01.04.2020
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