EMERGENCY MEASURES -Compensatory bonus for self-employed persons - how to apply (No. 901)

On 8th April 2020 in e-service no. 900 , we informed about the Compensatory bonus for self-employed persons of CZK 25.000. The legislative process has been completed and it is only waiting to be published in the Collection of Laws (probably on 14 April 2020 or 15 April 2020).

An information summary and instructions how to apply for the compensatory bonus are available on the Financial Administration website (available only in Czech), including a link to apply through a web application or interactive PDF (both available only in Czech). Applications are accepted by the Tax Administration by e-mail (list of e-mail addresses available here ), by post, via data box or EPO application or collection boxes located at tax offices, alternatively through filling offices of the tax offices. Please note that working hours of filling offices are shorter (Monday and Wednesday; 8 am – 11 am).

Compliance with the conditions for the bonus might be subject to ex-post inspection by the tax authority, so it is necessary to be prepared that COVID-19 business activity limitations will need to be proven in the future (i.e. closure of business, business restrictions, revenue decrease, orders´ cancellation, cancellation or restriction of supplies delivery, etc.).

publikováno 14.04.2020
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