EMERGENCY MEASURES - Deadline for submitting VAT return (No. 880)

Even in the event of current emergency with COVID-19 when individuals´ movement is restricted and other emergency measures are being applied, the deadline for submitting VAT returns for February 2020 is still 25th March 2020. This deadline cannot be extended even at the request of a VAT payer. In case of delay in submitting more than 5 days there will be applied a fine. Interest on delayed payment arises from the 5th working day after the original payment due date. That means that in case of a small delay there is not fine at all even for a late submission of a control report.

If it is not possible to pay VAT within the statutory deadline, we recommend applying for a VAT payment postponement and a remission of interest for the duration of postponement. If interest is waived, the penalty for late submission of the VAT return will be also waived. This applies to interest for late payment too. If interest for late payment is waived the fine will be also waived. This information comes from the Liberation Package published in Financial Bulletin 4/2020 points I and II.

The application for delayed payment can be submitted at any time preferably by the due date.

publikováno 25.03.2020
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