EMERGENCY MEASURES – Extension of nursing benefit period for employees and introduction for the self-employed persons. (No. 885)

On Wednesday March 25th 2020 a bill extending the period of the nursing benefit for the entire period of school facilities closure passed through the legislative process. Further, the proposal changes the age limit of children whose parents are eligible for such benefit from 10 to 13 years. People who take care of their family members at home due to a day care centers closure will also be able to such benefit. Moreover, the benefit will also be paid to the parents of children whose facilities were closed by decision of the founder, and not by the Government of the Czech Republic (i.e. kindergartens). The nursing benefit will be paid retroactively on the date when the emergency measures were taken.

Similarly, a financial contribution is also approved for the self-employed who currently stay at home to provide childcare. The state should pay CZK 424 per day to sole traders who care for children aged 6 to 13, provided that the second member of the family does not receives the nursing benefit. It will be paid based on statement submitted through the Sole Trader Office (“živnostenský úřad”).

publikováno 27.03.2020
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