Emergency measures - nursing benefit for employees – how to obtain (No. 892)

As we have informed you in previous e-services, due to a COVID-19 virus, the period for obtaining the nursing benefit has been extended for the entire duration of emergency measures.

For an employee to benefit from nursing, it is necessary not only to submit an application form for nursing care to his employer, but also a so-called childcare report due to the closure of the educational facility.

The first part of the application form for nursing is completed by the relevant school facility and sent to the parents electronically. Then, the parents fill in the second part and send it to their employer (via photo or scan).

Given the duration of the emergency measures, the above-mentioned application have to be also accompanied by a childcare report due to the closure of the educational facility (available only in Czech) at the end of the month where the parents complete the specific days in which he or she took care of the children. The report is needed because parents can take turns in care as needed during the duration of emergency measures.

After the completion of other necessary facts, the employer submits the documents for the decision on the benefit to the relevant social security administration which pays the benefit.

publikováno 02.04.2020
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