Emergency measures – nursing benefit for self-employed persons (No. 893)

As mentioned in previous e-services, due to the COVID-19 virus, a nursing benefit of CZK 424 per day was introduced as part of emergency measures to reduce the impact of the current situation on the self-employed persons.

A nursing benefit may be paid for the entire period of closure of school facilities or other sanitary facilities because of the care of (1) a child / children under the age of 13 attending a school or other childcare facility, (2) a dependent child / children up to the age of 26 recognized as at least level I of dependency, (3) a person who is dependent on the assistance of another person due to long-term adverse health conditions at least at level I of dependency.

The nursing benefit cannot be granted if this benefit or other compensatory benefit for the child(ren) are received by another person. It is also necessary for the self-employed person to keep the main business activity throughout the whole period of receiving the nursing benefit, to be registered with the tax office as a taxpayer of income tax and to have no arrears towards selected institutions as of 12 March 2020.
Nursing benefits can be requested from 1st April 2020. For simplification, the Ministry of Industry and Trade has provided an interactive form available here (available only in Czech). The completed application can be sent via databox, e-mail with electronic signature or via postal service.

publikováno 02.04.2020
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