EMERGENCY MEASURES – Program for Employment Protection "Antivirus" (No. 875)

Thursday 19 March 19 2020 the Czech government discussed the proposal of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs - the employment protection programme “Antivirus” - to help Czech employees and employers to mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 epidemic by compensating for some expenditures .


Provisionally, the following measures have been proposed to be activated immediately, but they will still have to be legalized to have binding force and effectiveness:


  1. A) The employer will be provided with a full allowance paid to employees who are in official quarantine (a significant obstacle to work on the employee´s side).


  1. B) The employer shall be provided with a contribution of 80% of wages for compensation of obstacles to work arising on the employer´s side pursuant to Section 208 of the Labour Code. This will probably only apply to those employers who were forced to close their businesses as a direct result of government orders (especially under Government Resolution No. 199), i.e. not as a result of sales limitations or of their own free will.


So far, according to the MoLSA's press release, discussions on the programme did not result in measures concerning the provision of a contribution to employers in connection with partial unemployment.


We will continue to monitor developments and regularly inform you about new facts.


Further pandemic-related tax, legal and economic information can be found on the Pandemic Information section of our website.

publikováno 25.03.2020
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