Emergency measures – reminder for possible postponement of the road tax prepayment (No. 899)

The due date for road tax prepayment is approaching. The first 2020 prepayment is due on 15 April 2020. As we informed you in our previous e-service, it is possible to postpone such prepayment. If payment is made no later than 15 October 2020, the interest on late payment and interest on the amount postponed will be waived based on decision of Ministry of Finance published in Financial Bulletin No. 6/2020. However, if the payment of the April advance was credited to the tax office's account only on 16 October 2020 or even later, the interest on late payment would be calculated from the original prepayment´s due date, exactly from 22 April 2020 (4 working days of delay are sanction free).

publikováno 09.04.2020
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