EMERGENCY MEASURES – remission of social security and health insurance payments for all self-employed persons (No. 884)

On 25th March 2020 the Senate passed a bill that waives the minimum mandatory payments of advances for social security and health insurance for self-employed persons for 6 months. Once the law is signed by the President, it comes into effect on the day of its promulgation.

The measure is going to apply to all persons engaged in principal or secondary activities. Thus, self-employed persons do not have to pay any advance payments for social security and health insurance for the period from March to August 2020.

Those who are to pay minimal amount of advance payment will be waived the full amount of the advance. For those who are to pay more than the minimum, the entire advance will also be waived during such period. When submitting the 2020 Overview in 2021, they will retroactively pay the difference between the minimum advance and the actual amount of the advance that they were expected to pay between March and August 2020.

This half-year will be counted as a so-called excluded period which will not affect the future amount of the retirement. For those self-employed who have already paid the advance in March, this amount will be used to pay the payables due or will be considered as a prepayment for the following months of the year.

publikováno 27.03.2020
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