EMERGENCY MEASURES - Request for cancellation of the income tax advances (No. 878)

According to Section 174 of the Tax Code the tax administrator may, in justified cases, stipulate advanced payments of the income tax differently (i.e. in a different amount) or permit exemption from the obligation to pay tax advances entirely for the duration of the whole taxation period.

It is possible to request for a different assessment of the advance payment, i.e. for its reduction or total cancellation, even retrospectively for the previously due advanced payments (e.g. as of 16 March 2020).

The request, which is currently not subject to an administrative fee, should state and also justify the reasons if possible. Particularly those related to the spread of COVID-19. The tax authorities usually require the financial statements of current situation of taxpayer at the end of the month preceding such application.

If the tax administrator complies with the request, the advanced payment which has already been paid becomes an overpayment and will be returned at the request of the taxpayer.

KODAP advisors are ready to assist you in processing your request.

Further pandemic-related tax, legal and economic information can be found on the pandemic information section of our website.

Information is provided by an experienced team of our lawyers and consultants.

publikováno 25.03.2020
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