Employees can apply for “crisis” nursing allowances (No. 958)

In the Collection of Laws, a law was published comprising in particular the regulation of nursing allowances for employees during crisis measures. Newly, the nursing allowances will be provided at 70% of the daily assessment basis, in the minimum daily amount of CZK 400. The so-called service contractors (agreement on completion of work or on job performance) will be also entitled to nursing allowances if health insurance has been paid for them.

Contrary to spring provisions, parents can only receive nursing allowances when caring for a child under 10 years of age (compared to the previous limit of 13 years). The entitlement also belongs to those who care for dependent children participating in school attendance and depending on nursing care of another person, without age restrictions, and for persons over 10 years depending on nursing care of another person and exploiting the social services of short stay hospitals, social welfare institutions, etc. Parents who stayed at home with their children will be entitled to nursing allowances for the entire duration of the crisis measure (closure of schools), i.e. retroactively from October 14, 2020, but no later than June 30, 2021.

At the same time, the application form for nursing allowance is simplified. Parents simply fill in a single form and submit it to their employer (instructions for filling it in can be found here).

publikováno 05.11.2020
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