Financial assistance for businesses affected by coronavirus

The Czech-Moravian Guarantee and Development Bank has launched a programme for the operational financing of any sole traders, small and medium-sized enterprises whose activities are limited due to the spread of the coronavirus infection and any related preventive measures.

Upon filing an application, entrepreneurs can obtain an interest-free loan of up to CZK 15 million to cover operating costs such as wages, rent, energy costs, supplier-customer invoices, stocks, materials or small assets. The maturity of the loan may be up to 2 years with a possible postponement of instalments of up to 12 months.

The loan can be applied for via the downloadable form on the website. The application contains several appendices which are necessary for the overall evaluation of the submitted application. The completed application can only be submitted through the ePodatelna application (submission for non-registered users).

publikováno 25.03.2020
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