Further reduction of VAT rates (anti-crisis tax package) (No. 928)

The so-called the anti-crisis tax package has passed a legislative process. Among other things, it includes a reduction in the VAT rate from 15% to 10% for below listed services:

- accommodation services,
- admission to movie and theater performances, concerts, museums, exhibitions and similar cultural events or to similar cultural establishments,
- admission to circuses and fun parks,
- admission to zoological and botanical gardens, nature reserves and national parks,
- admission to sport events, admission to sports grounds (covered and non-covered), fare on lifts and services related to the operation of recreational parks and beaches, services of Turkish baths, saunas, steam baths and salt caves.

The law will be applied upon signature by the President the day after its publishing in the Collection of Laws. Starting from this date the second reduced tax rate can be applied to listed services.

publikováno 22.06.2020
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