Get back VAT paid in EU countries (No. 1026)

The VAT refund process allows VAT payers within the EU to get back the tax paid on the purchase of goods or services for business purposes in another Member State. The condition is that the claiming entity is not registered for VAT payments in the state from which the tax refund is claimed. The deadline for submitting applications for refunding VAT paid in 2020 expires on September 30, 2021, after this date, the entitlement to claim it definitively lapses.

If the given conditions are met, it is possible to submit an application for a VAT refund from other EU Member States via the electronic portal of the Czech Tax Administration by the end of September. To submit a request, it is necessary to have access to the electronic application created. The point is that the locally competent Czech tax administrator has 15 days to grant this access. Therefore, we recommend you to make a request for the access well in advance, so that the situation does not occur that the payer does not receive the access data until 30 September, when, however, his entitlement to a tax refund has expired.

Our specialized department of the KODAP office in Liberec can process the request for you. Based on the granted power of attorney, our advisers will process and submit the request for a VAT refund. They will also provide all necessary communication with foreign authorities, which usually require additional information on the submitted applications.

We recommend you to pass on the information on the possibility of VAT returns also to your foreign business partners and to companies in your group. These entities have the opportunity to submit a request for refund of Czech VAT concerning transactions realized in 2020. There is also a deadline of September 30, 2021.

publikováno 02.08.2021
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