Health and safety measures during "unlocking" at work (No. 911)

With the lifting of bans and restrictions imposed in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic, most employees are returning to their offices after weeks of homeoffice. In connection with this, employers should put in place adequate measures to comply with their legal obligations to ensure the safety and health of employees at work (so-called "BOZP").


We  advise you to follow the recommendations of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic  and regional hygienic stations (available only in Czech)Measures should at least include temporary restrictions on personal contact with clients or customers, the provision of personal disinfectants and hygienic products, regular disinfection of the workplaces and offices and more frequent regular cleaning, or the use of single-use protective equipment. We recommend that the implementation of these measures should be supplemented by information in writing, e.g. by an internal company regulation, especially to prevent various misunderstandings and to have suitable documentation available during any possible inspection, e.g. by the State Labour Inspection Authority.


These measures should also include notifying all employees on how to comply with the measures which can be done simply by sending or posting the relevant internal regulations. The employer (or managers) should regularly check compliance with these measures.

publikováno 14.05.2020
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