Income tax returns can be submitted without penalties by 18 August 2020 (No. 938)

As we have informed you in our e-service No. 927 , the income tax returns of 2019 for both individuals and legal persons can be filed and the related tax can be paid by 18 August 2020 without any sanctions based on the decision of the Minister of Finance. Subsequently, the Financial Administration has informed that the office hours of Tax offices would be extended this day.

Those tax payers that have decided to file the tax returns by this deadline cannot rely on a so-called liberation period when there is no obligation to pay the fines for late submission (5 days after the deadline) and interest on late payment (4 days after the deadline). Please note that if the deadline of 18 August 2020 is not met, fines and interest will be calculated from 1 April 2020 or 1 July 2020 (i.e. from the original deadline).

publikováno 31.08.2020
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