Increase in the minimum wage from January 1, 2021 (No. 967)

Its publication in the Collection of Laws unambiguously sets the amount of the minimum wage from January 1, 2021, increasing it from CZK 14,600 to CZK 15,200. Concurrently, the basest guaranteed wage levels for particular job categories are increasing, as they are graded, according to the complexity, responsibility and laboriousness of the work performed, into eight categories.

Actually, the guaranteed minimum wage is just CZK 15,200 in the first group. Then, the guaranteed wage is CZK 18,500 (till now, it has been CZK 17,800) in the third category, which includes, for example, waiters or barbers and hairdressers, and, in the fifth category, which includes e.g. a bus driver or rescuer, the minimum wage is CZK 22,600 (till now, it has been CZK 21,700). In the upmost eight category, the guaranteed wage will be CZK 30,400 recently (so far, it has been CZK 29,200). Complete information on the guaranteed wage for particular job categories including examples of professions is available here.

The above rates of the minimum and guaranteed wages are compulsory at a given weekly working time of 40 hours. With a weekly working time other than 40 hours, the minimum wage rates and the minimum guaranteed wage levels increase or decrease proportionally.

The history of the minimum wage since its introduction in 1991 is available on the MLSA website.

publikováno 07.12.2020
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