Information for natural persons, related not only to the deadline for filing income tax returns (no. 1007)

According to the decision of the Ministry of Finance, natural persons who file their personal income tax return for 2020 themselves, i.e. without a tax adviser, may file a return in physical (paper) form without any sanctions no later than May 3, 2021. If they file the return in electronic form, then they can do so without any sanctions until June 1, 2021. It is necessary also to pay the tax within the foregoing deadlines. In case a tax return is to be filed with a reported overpayment of tax, we recommend filing this return by April 1, 2021, so that the overpayment can be refunded as soon as possible. See also our prior information

Similarly, tax-exempt income over than CZK 5 million can be reported without any sanctions by May 3, 2021 when using physical (paper) form, and by June 1, 2021 when filed in electronic form. The same conditions and deadlines apply to the filing of additional tax returns for 2019, filed due to a change in the method of deduction of the expenses. In the foregoing terms, it is also possible to pay any prospective tax without penalties.

If the return is to be filed by a tax adviser, then it is possible to file it by April 1, 2021, or by July 1, 2021. It is sufficient to submit a power of attorney for a tax adviser at the same time as the tax return; there is no need to deliver it to the tax authority by April 1, 2021.

Please note that it is necessary to include also income from various COVID subsidy programs (COVID-rent, COVID-accommodation, etc.) to the income subject to taxation. The thing is these are operational subsidies, which are not exempt from tax. On the contrary, the received compensation bonuses or nursing fees for self-employed persons are not taxed.

Only those natural persons, who were obliged to report their first sales from January 1, 2020 to March 26, 2020, can deduct the abatement for the reporting of sales for 2020. After that date, the obligation to report sales was deferred due to COVID-19, so the right to the abatement did not arise.  

publikováno 29.03.2021
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