Information on the deadline for income tax returns for the year 2020 (no. 1004)

According to the decision of the Ministry of Finance on the remission of penalties and interest, which was published in the Financial Bulletin No. 16 2021, it is possible to file a return for income tax for both natural and legal persons until May 3, 2021 instead of April 1, 2021 without any sanctions. If filing the return electronically, without using the services of a tax advisor, the return can be filed until June 1, 2021 instead of May 3, 2021 without any sanctions. Therewithal, the tax can be also paid within these “extended” terms without any penalties.

Please note that the decision above to waive penalties and interest does not apply to the taxpayers subject to the deadline for filing returns as of July 1, 2021, i.e. compulsorily audited or filing returns through a tax advisor within this deadline.

publikováno 12.03.2021
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