KODAP group won the Accounting Firm of the Year 2020 contest

We are really motivated by the success we have achieved in the difficult conditions of this year. In the heavy competitive environment, the KODAP group scored and won the first place in the Accounting Firm of the Year 2020 contest. The event is organized jointly by the Union of Accountants, the Chamber of Certified Accountants, and the Wolters Kluwer publishing house. The Jury thoroughly explored the qualification, expertness, techniques, visions, and it checked the references of customers, too. The more we are enjoying this achievement. Our clients laid emphasis on the complexity of our services as a great advantage, bringing them comprehensive accounting, tax, IT and legal solutions.

Vlastimil Sojka, director of the group’s headquarters in Liberec, symbolically took over the trophy for the KODAP group at the online awards ceremony. On that occasion, he especially thanked all co-workers in KODAP offices in fifteen towns of the Czech Republic, but also our clients, because their good references significantly contributed to this achievement.  

We also understand this achievement to be a great commitment to our clients in the years to come. 

Your KODAP team

publikováno 07.12.2020
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