KODAP has moved to a new office in Liberec

The KODAP-Group, ETL Partner in the Czech Republic, has recently celebrated their new office space in the city of Liberec. On the occasion of this 'open day' event, more than 350 guests visited KODAP`s office and build a diverse audience during the event. Companies, the president of the Chamber of Tax Consultants as well as RA Bernd Hollmann and RA/StB Walter Karl Schmidt, who were representing the ETL Group, joined the event.
The event gave the chance to learn about KODAP-Group`s services and its new IT system, which is called KODAP | P.E.S. The system is an information exchange platform allowing data exchange between mandates and companies 24/7.

The KODAP-Group is represented in 9 different locations and offers following services: tax consultancy, accounting, Tax Credit Entitlement, audit, business consultancy, company formation, training and many more.

Please contact us for more information or get in touch with KODAP directly. For checking the locations of KODAP-Group please klick here.

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publikováno 15.04.2013
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