Mandatory Announcement of Dividend Payments Abroad (No. 916)

In connection with the completion of works on 2019 financial statements and the upcoming consideration of dividends´ payment, we would like to mention the obligation to announce these payments abroad by the payers. This obligation arose for the first-time last year, i.e. in 2019.

The payers are obliged to report these earnings whenever the sum paid exceeds CZK 100,000 in one calendar month. The payers are obliged to announce not only payments subject to withholding tax, but also any exempt payments, as well as payment which are not subject to tax in the Czech Republic according to the relevant double tax treaty.

The announcement have to be submitted on the given form available on the website of the Financial Administration of the Czech Republic (available only in Czech). The deadline for notification´s submission is the end of the month following the month when the payment was made.

publikováno 26.05.2020
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