New Tax Information Box brings new possibilities (No. 1022)

The Financial Administration has upgraded the utility functions of tax information boxes (in Czech, DIS). While the “old” DIS serve primarily as a tool for obtaining information on the state of personal tax accounts (overpayments or arrears of individual taxes) until February 28, 2022, the new boxes (so-called DIS+, or Tax Information Mailbox Plus) also serve as a means of administering acts and communicating with tax authorities.

The new DIS+ allows you to file any tax return or other filing addressed to the tax administrator, it also allows you to view the state of your personal tax account or view the public part of the files kept by the tax authority. Another advantage the new DIS+ boxes bring is the possibility of setting up so-called notifications, where the system warns you, for example, of the approaching deadline for filing returns, paying taxes, etc.

Detailed information on DIS+ can be found here, and information on ending the operation of “old DIS” is available here.

publikováno 18.06.2021
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