Notice to applicants for the “autumn” compensation bonus (No. 962)

The following groups of applicants affected by crisis measures can apply for a compensation bonus via a web application or using a special form (for possible forms of its submission, see also our e-service No. 961) if the conditions are met:

For each of the above groups of applicants, specific legal criteria for qualification for the compensation bonus are set. The conditions for entitlement to the “autumn” bonus differ significantly from the conditions for the “spring” bonus, so not everyone who has met the conditions for the “spring” bonus will qualify for the “autumn” bonus. The Financial Administration has published detailed information and the most frequent mistakes to be avoided.

Please note that it is not possible now (as opposed to the spring) to draw a compensation bonus together with other forms of support (e.g. nursing allowances, COVID-culture program etc.).

The compensation bonus will be paid only after the law returned by the Senate has been approved by the Chamber of Deputies, signed by the President and published in the Collection of Laws. However, it is possible to submit applications for the first bonus period just now.

It is necessary to submit the application for a compensation bonus for the first bonus period, which lasts from October 5, 2020 to November 4, 2020, no later than January 5, 2021.

publikováno 10.11.2020
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