People working by a contract for work can now claim a compensation bonus (No. 937)

The Senate approved the amendment to the Compensation Bonus Act, which now waits only for the President’s signature. Until now, only self-employed persons (sole proprietors) and partners of “small-scale” limited liability companies were entitled to receive a financial aid in the form of a so-called compensatory bonus, if they met the given conditions. Newly, people working by an agreement to complete a work or an agreement on job performance (not standard employees) can also apply for the support, if they were prevented from working due to coronavirus and if they have participated in health insurance. This means that they work under an agreement on job performance, with the income over CZK 3,000, or under an agreement on completion of work, with the income over CZK 10,000 per month. Still, this support does not apply to those persons who, in addition to agreement on completion of work or job performance, engage in other occupation.

The necessary condition for obtaining the bonus is that the applicant worked for at least four of the six months before the crisis (i.e. from 1 October 2019 to 31 March 2020) and he/she paid for the medical insurance. People working by an agreement on completion of work or an agreement on job performance can receive the amount of CZK 350 per day, while self-employed persons and partners of small limited liability companies working concurrently on the base of agreement qualified for insurance can receive the amount of CZK 500 per day. It is possible to apply for the compensation bonus retrospectively, for the period from 12 March to 8 June, but the last term for the application is the end of October 2020. The application form is already available on the Financial Administration website.

publikováno 29.07.2020
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