Prolongation of the applicability of Antivirus A and B programs (No. 942)

According to the press release of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, on 24 August 2020, the Government of the Czech Republic approved the prolongation of the program Antivirus (in operation modes A and B) up to the end of October 2020. On the contrary, the so-called Antivirus C will not be prolonged; based on this program, the state had exempted employers from social security scheme contributions and contributions to state employment policy, for the period from June to August 2020.

Just to remind, the nature of the ANTIVIRUS program in modes A and B is to provide an allowance to refund salary compensations paid by the employer to those employees who, as a result of measures taken by the government, are unable to perform their work for various reasons. In other words: within the framework of the Antivirus program, the state provides an allowance only for the partial reimbursement of salary compensations provided to employees for the period when they do not perform their work due to obstacles to work.

Read more about the Antivirus program and other state programs aimed at supporting entrepreneurs on our website HERE.

publikováno 04.09.2020
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