Re-cancellation of pre-emptive right (No. 934)

Effective July 1, 2020, there was a repeated legislative change in the regulation of the pre-emptive rights, which were deleted from the Civil Code, with a few exceptions. The legal status of the pre-emptive right has thus returned to the situation before the end of 2016, concerning now only the co-ownership of a thing, which was established mainly by disposition for the event of death (last will and testament, contract of inheritance).

Therefore, in case of transfer of their co-ownership share, co-owners of a real estate will not be obliged to offer it primarily to the other co-owners. The change thus simplifies transfers of co-ownership shares in real assets and provides buyers with greater legal certainty that, in the event of concluding a purchase contract, they will actually acquire the title to respective co-ownership share.

publikováno 15.07.2020
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