Real estate tax payment in 2020 during emergency measures (No. 903)

Please be advised that despite the government emergency measures to prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2, 2020 real estate tax due dates 2020 DO NOT CHANGE.

As in previous years, the real estate tax is payable in two equal payments:
(a) for taxpayers conducting agricultural production and fish farming - by 31.8.2020 and 30.11.2020;
(b) for all other taxpayers - by 31.5.2020 and 30.11.2020.

However, if the tax amounts up to CZK 5,000, the whole amount is payable by 31.5.2020 (or by 1.6.2020).

The tax administration is going to inform taxpayers of the amount payable by one of the following ways:
- By e-mail - by sending "Real Estate Tax Information" no later than 4.5.2020;
- By consolidated bill payment system (“SIPO”) – by adding the taxpayers to the set of payment orders for Czech Post and direct debit of the tax;
- via Databox - by sending "Tax obligation information" no later than 6.5.2020;
- via Postal order (“složenkou”) - delivery of the postal order no later than 25.5.2020.

If it is not possible to pay the tax due to SARS-CoV-2 emergency measures, the taxpayer can apply for the payment postponement or to pay the tax in installments. For applications submitted from 16.3.2020 to 31.7.2020, the administration fees related to such submissions are waived.

More detailed information on the payment of real estate tax can be found here (available only in Czech).

publikováno 20.04.2020
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