Remission of administrative fees and interest (LIBERATION PACKAGE III) (No. 926)

The Financial Bulletin No. 9/2020 (available only in Czech) has announced another (fifth) decision of the Minister of Finance to mitigate the effects of measures taken in connection with COVID-19.

According to point VII. this decision waives the administrative fee for submitting applications to the tax or customs office submitted before 31st December 2020 (e.g. request for tax postponement or tax installment, request for waiver on late payment interest or the amount postponed, request for waiver of a fines for not submitting an VAT report, and confirmation of debt-free status). This is an extension of the "toll-free" period which originally ended on 31st July 2020.

Furthermore, interest on late payment and interest of postponed amount is automatically waived (without request) in the period from 12th March 2020 to 31st December 2020 in cases where the tax administrator has individually allowed delay or payment in installments for reasons related to COVID. -19.

For more information about other measures contained in Liberation Package III see the e-services No. 922 (filing income tax returns), No. 923 (VAT) and No. 924 (real estate acquisition tax).

Please note that the link leads to Czech version, unfortunately, English version is not available.

publikováno 18.06.2020
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