Remission of advances on taxes and waiver of the interests on arrears on VAT payments by retailers and service providers (No. 956)

Following other measures taken to prevent the spread of the disease COVID-19, a new “general pardon” was announced in Financial Bulletin No. 25/2020.

The remission applies to entities where more than half of revenues comes from retail sales or provision of services in shops, studios and other retail outlets (e.g. hairdressers, beauty parlors, etc.), but it does not apply to those who carry on activities which, according to the government resolution, remain permitted. Furthermore, the remission does not apply to the entities affected by the previous liberation package, which we informed you about in our e-service No. 951.

The following is waived by the decision:

For the “new” remission, it is also necessary to qualify by sending a notification to the FA that the given conditions are met. The notification can be submitted on relevant form or via a web application.

publikováno 30.10.2020
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