Self-employed persons are entitled to nursing allowances again when schools are closed (No. 960)

As in the spring, the government approved a program of subsidies for self-employed persons (sole traders) called “Nursing Allowance”. However, it is not yet possible to claim it; entrepreneurs must wait for the proclamation, which should be published in the early November, i.e. any day now, according to the information of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. The subsidy is intended for self-employed persons carrying on entrepreneurship as their core business, who care for children due to the closure of schools. It is also intended for those ones, who care for a person who, due to long-standing ill health condition, is dependent on the assistance of another person at least in level I (mild dependence) and who cannot make use of social services due to the measures taken. The amount of the subsidy per calendar day is CZK 400.

Please note that there is a fundamental change in relation between the draw of the compensation bonus and other forms of subventions. While in the spring the rules allowed simultaneous drawing, it is no longer possible to combine separate government assistance programs on a given calendar day, such as compensatory bonus, nursing allowances for self-employed persons, and various other COVID programs. The entrepreneur will therefore have to decide which support to choose.

No annex will have to be attached to the application (e.g. a school certificate of closure). Only a declaration on word of honor will suffice as proof of closure of the facility that the child attends.

publikováno 09.11.2020
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