Self-employed persons can submit their statements without sanctions only until Friday 18 September (No. 944)

One of the measures aimed to relieve entrepreneurs during the COVID-19 pandemic is the possibility to submit their statements of revenues and expenditures for 2019 belatedly, until 18 September 2020, without the danger of penalties.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs allowed all self-employed persons (sole proprietors) to submit their statements to Czech Social Security Administration without sanctions until 18 September 2020, still only on condition that the arrears of insurance contributions for 2019 are also cleared by this deadline. In such case, the penalty for late payment will be automatically remitted to the self-employed person, too.

As for the health insurance, the health insurance companies will also automatically waive the sanctions for late submission of the report, if it is submitted no later than 18 September 2020. However, the penalty for late payment will not be automatically excused. In this instance, in case of payment behind the regular schedule, it is necessary to submit an individual application for its waiver.

publikováno 18.09.2020
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