The Big Liberation Package was posted in the Financial Bulletin (No. 951)

Considering the current situation, the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic has decided to extend the “spring” liberation measures; now, it allows those directly addressed by government restrictions (e.g. keepers of restaurants or indoor sports facilities, museum or gallery operators etc.) to defer tax obligations. Those measures have already been officially published in the Financial Bulletin No. 22/2020. Therefore, these are not new overall provisions, but measures (waivers) linked to the taxpayer’s predominant activity. The following tax obligations are waived:

Those who meet the conditions and want to take advantage of the liberation measures will have to send a notification to the Financial Authority stating that they meet these conditions.

Beyond the Big Liberation Package, we add that – as stated in previous e-service – in order to waive sanctions in accordance with former GENERAL measures, it is necessary to pay the road tax advances for the first and second quarters of 2020 so that they are credited to the tax administrator’s account no later than 15 October 2020.

publikováno 19.10.2020
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