The compensation bonus for the period after February 1, 2021 is already governed by new rules (no. 1002)

The Act on Compensation Bonus for 2021, published under No. 95/2021 Coll., newly regulates terms for payment of the compensation bonus to self-employed persons, partners of small limited liability companies and persons working on work completion or job performance agreements. The new amount of the bonus for the period from February 1, 2021 is up to CZK 1,000 for each calendar day.

The entitlement to a new compensation bonus belongs to all persons aggrieved due to not only the impacts of government measures, but also the pandemic as such. The critical factor for entrepreneurs is the decline in revenues of more than 50% compared to the period before the pandemic. Entrepreneurs and partners of limited liability companies, who were in quarantine, can recently apply for the new compensation bonus of 2021, if the conditions are met. In such case, the amount of this bonus is CZK 500 per each calendar day of the bonus period, when a quarantine or isolation was prescribed.

The Financial Administration has already started to accept applications for the new 2021 compensation bonus. You can find the online application, for example, at

Detailed information on the new 2021 compensation bonus is available here.

publikováno 08.03.2021
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