The time off period of paternity leave shall be extended since 2022 (No. 1030)

The amendment to the Act on Sickness Insurance, effective from January 1, 2022, extends the period of drawing the paternal post-natal care benefits. The paternity benefits belong to the parent of the child, who is stated in the child’s birth certificate and has participated in sickness insurance for a stipulated period, too. In 2021 and in previous years, it was possible to take one week of paid paternity leave at any time during the first six weeks after the birth of a child (during the so-called lying-in period). However, this period shall be extended to two weeks from January 1, 2022.

Furthermore, the deadline for taking paternity leave is extended by those calendar days, during which the child was hospitalized in the first six weeks. In a practical way, this means that it will be possible to take paternity leave even after the first six weeks if applicable.

publikováno 27.09.2021
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