Travel expenses reimbursement rates for 2022 (No. 1047)

As every year, there are changes in the level of meal and other travel allowances for 2022. The figures for 2022 are published in the Collection of Laws, under No. 511/2021 Coll.

There was a slight increase in the limits for inland meal allowances, according to the duration of the business trip:

Average fuel prices increased compared to last year, for example for Natural ON 95 petrol from CZK 33.80 per liter to CZK 37.10 per liter or for diesel oil from CZK 27.20 per liter to CZK 36.10 per liter.

Compared to the previous year, the rate of basic reimbursement per 1 km of driving a passenger road motor vehicle increased from CZK 4.40 to CZK 4.70; the rate for single-track motor vehicles and motor tricycles also increased, from CZK 1.20 to CZK 1.30.

All current amounts of inland meal and travel allowances can be found here.

publikováno 10.01.2022
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