Uniform exchange rate for 2020, for non-accounting entities (No. 985)

At the beginning of 2021, as every year, there was an update of the uniform exchange rate. This rate can be used for the conversion of foreign currencies for 2020 by a TAXPAYER WHO DOES NOT KEEP ACCOUNTS. The uniform exchange rate is figured out as the average calculated from the exchange rates set for the given currency by the Czech National Bank always on the last day of each month of 2020. The General Financial Directorate published the results of this calculation for 2020 in its Instruction D-49.


For example, the uniform exchange rate for 2020 is nominally CZK 26.50 / EUR or CZK 23.14 / USD.

You can also find an overview of the uniform exchange rates of selected currencies listed in the CNB exchange rate list here.

publikováno 19.01.2021
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