Why set up a trust fund? (No. 1020)

In recent years, we have helped our clients to set up trust funds. It can be an attractive way to arrange family property relations and avoid possible future problems. The most common impulses to establish a trust fund arise from efforts to protect family fortune because of complex personal relationships or business risks.  

The actual possibility to exclude children from property inheritance, who (so far) are unable to manage property and resources, and thus transfer the responsibility for managing it one generation further is often welcome. An important reason for the decision to establish a trust fund is also a protection against risks of doing business or against the unexpected death of the controlling owner. The trust fund enables to decide freely how the property will be disposed after the death of the person who built it.

Although the inheritance tax does not practically exist now, its revival is only a matter of a political decision; and the administrators of government revenues may have strong reasons for it. Assets invested in a trust fund can avoid such turbulences.  

publikováno 09.06.2021
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