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Interest-free loan for operational costs – COVID I

First support provided by governmental bodies was interest-free loan for the operational financing of any sole traders, small and medium-sized enterprises whose activities are limited due to the spread of the coronavirus infection and any related preventive measures called COVID I.

Currently, all applications for the COVID interest-free loan were suspended. The applications already received will now be assessed so that the first loans can be granted within 14 days.

However, Ministry of Industry and Trade in cooperation with The Czech-Moravian Guarantee and Development Bank (“ČMRBZ”) has started preparation of another program called COVID II for small and medium-sized enterprises and sole-traders. COVID II will support entrepreneurs by provision of guarantees on loans from commercial banks amounting from CZK 10.000 and by financial allowance for interest payment. 

We are monitoring the development and keep you inform.

ČMRBZ offers also another program for supporting business although they have not been prepared directly in connection with coronavirus spread.

Support for capital expenditures – loan EXPANZE

Small and medium-sized entrepreneurs who find themselves in financial difficulties due to the coronavirus pandemic can also get a loan to cover planned or realized investments through the Bank. Although it is not a financial instrument prepared for an ongoing pandemic, it may be an interesting alternative for many entrepreneurs that expect a slump in the future revenues.

The provided loan can be used to finance the eligible costs of tangible fixed assets - the purchase of machinery and equipment, the purchase and technical improvement of constructions and the purchase of land. Intangible fixed assets are also eligible expenditure.

The loan is interest-free with no administrative fees and amounting from CZK 1 to 45 million or up to 45% of eligible project´s expenditure. The maturity of the loan is up to 7 years or 10 years (if the loan is mainly intended for the purchase of real estate) and the Bank allows postponement of payments up to 3,5 years. One of the conditions for obtaining the loan is the simultaneous financing of the project through a commercial loan provided with by one of the Bank’s contractual partners in the amount of at least 20%. The Bank provides a financial contribution of up to CZK 2 million to cover interest on commercial loans. Projects can be implemented anywhere in the Czech Republic except the capital city of Prague.

If you have any additional questions or need to be assisted with the preparation of the applications, please do not hesitate to contact your KODAP advisor or directly to:

Jan Kašpar, Tax Advisor, phone +420 734 792 828, e-mail:

Jakub Anděl, Advisor, phone +420 730 563 301, email:

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